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Homelessness in Vancouver

We live in one of Canada’s most expensive cities, and a lack of affordable housing is one of the reasons the rate of homelessness continues to grow. Even families and individuals who hold a job can find themselves homeless, without a place they can afford to live.

Many people have no choice but to sleep outdoors each night, in a cold alcove or beneath an underpass. Others may couch surf, live in their cars, or stay in crowded, temporary shelters.

The face of homelessness

Women with children. Youth. Adults. There is no ‘type’ for homelessness. Our research shows that people of all ages can wind up on the street, or at real risk of homelessness.

We are addressing the underlying needs and root causes of homelessness, in order to facilitate safe, decent, supportive housing for our community, and to break the cycle of homelessness.

In addition to helping build or acquire affordable, supportive housing for those already on the street in Vancouver, we need to prevent those at risk from ever becoming homeless.