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Research consistently shows that people who have experienced homelessness want to work and that a substantial number can secure and retain jobs, but they need help overcoming barriers to employment.

Streetohome is committed to ensuring that people in our city, who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness or have lived experience of homelessness have access to employment opportunities that align with their capabilities and preferences. Employment is a critical element for mental health and well-being and provides marginalized individuals a broadened social network, a sense of belonging, an opportunity to participate more fully in society, and a door to increased income, independent living and self-sufficiency to the extent that individuals desire.

Streetohome is piloting an electronic interview tool that captures an individual’s housing, health, education and employment needs and preferences and may also identifies accommodations required on behalf of employers. This brief assessment can be administered at any point of contact (rent bank, shelter, emergency department, supportive housing and street outreach). An electronic marketplace will use the interview data to match prospective employees to employment opportunities to meet employers’ workforce demands.

To learn more about Streetohome’s plans to support individual intentions for engagement in the labour market, please read Lori Culbert’s article in the Vancouver Sun. Todd is interviewed in the article and for almost two decades, Todd says his life was a predictable cycle of detox; treatment centre; recovery house; the occasional visit to the psych ward, ending with the inevitable relapse. Finding stability through work has been Todd’s salvation from drug abuse and homelessness.

We believe that individuals not only need a home, but also a sense of purpose and a job provides an opportunity to: become contributing members in society; belong to a team; learn new skills; develop one’s potential and a path to self-sufficiency.”

John McLernon, Chair,

Streetohome Foundation Board

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