December 17, 2019 | Blog

A Holiday Message From Our CEO

Your preferred path in life is your own to design, and to this end, we are excited to announce that the Smart Cities – Life Intentions initiative has gained the support of homelessness service system providers and tenants alike. The Exploring Your Life Intentions self-assessment and companion Guide to Services are helping vulnerable individuals explore their needs, prioritize goals and find suitable resources that help them move along their preferred life path.

Individuals express an appreciation for an opportunity to consider their whole selves, find help and become more hopeful for a better future. Streetohome constantly searches for innovative models of help that can be adapted in Vancouver to fill gaps and round out the guide. We are proud to have sponsored the introduction of: Housing First; Vancouver Rent Bank; WorkWithUs; Supporting Tenants, Enabling Pathways; and Homeward Bound, and are now focusing our attention on addiction recovery.

I am truly grateful for a dedicated Board, generous donors, innovative partners, talented staff, and passionate volunteers. Together, we are changing lives and building better futures.

Rob Turnbull