August 20, 2021 | Blog

A message from the Streetohome Team

Streetohome Team: Rob Turnbull, Ph.D., CHE, President & CEO; Arielle Berze, Marketing Communications Specialist; Tracey Harvey, Administration & Donor Manager; John McLernon, Board Chair. Photo by Mat Lo

“2020 has been a year of change and uncertainty, but it was also a year of seeing what was possible when everyone comes together. It has been amazing and comforting to see how people, where possible, have pivoted, adapted, and moved ideas, projects, and businesses forward. Groups are working together to bring solutions not only to the pandemic, but social issues such as homelessness,” says John McLernon, Streetohome Board Chair.

Streetohome has brokered several homelessness prevention initiatives that address gaps in the homelessness services system and provide additional exit pathways. Each opportunity nurtures personal agency; a sense of belonging; ensures everyone has a voice; and fosters mutual concern and accountability. These principles ensure that vulnerable individuals, along with their peers, are supported in achieving their goals and moving on with their lives.

Reading these stories, you will discover Brenda Plant’s championing of additional recovery pathways to meet varied needs and preferences. You will also learn about two flagship models coming to Vancouver that will support individuals in finding a welcoming community and move along their preferred life path – Killian Noe’s Recovery Café and Dr. Mimi Silbert’s Delancey Street.

You will gain a new appreciation for the ‘power of peers’ in raising people up together. We hope you find inspiration in the innovative initiatives underway, which wouldn’t be possible without the energy, passion and commitment of our Board, volunteers, Partners and those impacted, who continue to share their voices, expertise and unique gifts.