December 15, 2022 | Blog

We need your help

Streetohome is fundraising for three projects!

Recovery Café 5-yr Operations Seed Funding
The Recovery Café is a place of refuge, support, care and community. Members pursue recovery from substance use, unemployment, mental health, poverty, trauma, homelessness, crime, and/or loneliness.

Help us fundraise: $1.7 Million

Want2 – The Life Intentions Action Planner App
Want2 helps individuals with unmet needs – including youth, adults, seniors, families, immigrants & refugees, LGBTQ2S+ and Indigenous – to prioritize their personal goals and find free resources that fit their unique needs and preferences. Want2 then empowers individuals to make plans that effectively meet their needs, one step at a time.

Help us fundraise: $325,000

Adapted Therapeutic Community (ATC) Facilitator Training
The Adapted Therapeutic Community is a flexible model that empowers groups of individuals to help each other achieve their mental health and/or substance use goals. Join a group of international faculty to learn about the power of group process and experience what goes into making any group or working environment genuinely therapeutic.

Help us fundraise: $45,000