Homeward Bound: Olivia’s Story

17 years ago, Olivia moved to Vancouver with her partner, and had a happy, healthy son. A lot has happened since – her family has grown, and she recently separated from her partner. Six months ago, she received an eviction notice from her landlord, who wanted to renovate their home.

Getting their life back: Dan’s Story

Five years ago, Dan left Ontario to begin a new chapter in Vancouver with his girlfriend. Things didn’t work out, and he soon found himself homeless and making a decision between sleeping on the street, or in a shelter.

WorkWithUs: Alex’s Story

Walking in with a backpack full with notes and textbooks, Alex exudes confidence. He just finished one of his psychology classes, and will be going to study later in the day, prepping for his exams.

STEP: Elliot’s Story

A movie with friends, hanging out on game day – it’s the simple things that most people take for granted and fail to appreciate in life. For Elliot, he knows the value in these seemingly simple activities – the value in being able to go out with friends, or even hosting friends in his own home.

A Home, A Job, and a Second Chance

If asked, you would be hard-pressed to pick out the former alcoholic who had just been hired by this busy downtown office. Everyone in the bustling workplace looks professional, motivated and is quick with a smile and a warm hello.

It’s the little things…

Fiercely independent, Linda is a fighter. The years of misdiagnoses, depression and anxiety roll down her cheeks as she recounts her story – how her chronic pain led to depression and anxiety, and ultimately left her living in a shelter, and later moving into supportive housing, before finally being able to move to independent housing through STEP.

Home means a bright family future

Zahra and Silvia are two single mothers living in YWCA housing who found the support needed to provide a better life for their daughters. Walking into YWCA Como Lake Gardens, you enter a warm, family friendly apartment building. With a common room full of toys, a large play area and well-kept communal garden, it is the kind of housing any mother would want to live in with her child.

Finding the words: Kris’s Story

When he was just 13 years old, Kris went down to the kitchen to find a letter with his father’s name on it. When he opened it, he slowly realized it was in his mother’s handwriting. She was telling her husband that she was leaving him and their three children. One week later, his father died in a car crash. Kris was devastated.

Finding Help & Offering it: Kathy’s Story

When Kathy and her young son with disabilities were at risk of homelessness and needed help, she turned to the YWCA’s Single Mothers’ Support Services and affordable housing program. She eventually returned to school to become a community support worker and now gives back through her work.

Crossing the finish line: Shelly’s Story

As an advocate for women who face issues with addictions, Shelly is an inspiration, because she’s walked the talk. Five years ago, she kicked her addictions with drugs and alcohol to go back to school and rebuild her life.