Chosen Family Pods

Streetohome is exploring ‘Chosen Family Pods’ – a shared housing model that promises to increase affordability and make housing accessible to individuals on a fixed or low income, including those at-risk for, and/or with lived experience of homelessness. Chosen Family Pods involve three or more individuals, who know each other, choosing to live together interdependently and share their spaces and their lives.

Homeward Bound

Some homeless individuals in Vancouver have migrated to the city with plans and dreams for their future. Unfortunately, high rents, a tight job market and/or adverse life events (e.g., relationship break-up, medical crisis, job loss, etc.) can result in these individuals becoming at-risk for homelessness or even living in an emergency shelter.

STEP Program

Supporting Tenants, Enabling Pathways (STEP) is the first program in the province to assist self-identified individuals who are ready to move on with their lives and towards self-sufficiency. This project will provide a means to optimize the use of supportive housing – a limited and expensive community resource – and better steward the generous contributions from Streetohome donors who contributed to the construction of over 1300 new units.

Vancouver Rent Bank

The Vancouver Rent Bank provides interest free loans for people in danger of eviction or essential utility cut-off. Loans can be used for rental and utility arrears, and security deposits. Loans are a maximum of $1,300 for a single person and $1,800 for a family. The Rent Bank also provides financial workshops, resources and connections to housing support services. Streetohome’s contribution of the capital for loans is made possible through a generous donation from the Giustra Foundation. Streetohome’s contribution to operations funding is made possible through a generous donation from Hollyburn Properties Limited. Since 2012, the Rent Bank has approved 836 loans and helped 1,439 individuals.

Covenant House

Youth with mental health and addiction challenges are among the most vulnerable homeless. Streetohome supports Covenant House Vancouver’s Semi-Independent Housing Program which offers homeless and at-risk youth on Vancouver’s streets a safe place to sleep, a variety of supports, and an opportunity to move along their preferred life path. Generously supported by Scotiabank and Bell Canada, the program has helped 160 vulnerable youth since 2012.

Portable Rent Subsidy Program

McLaren Housing Society provides safe, affordable housing to men, women and families who live with HIV/AIDS, are in financial need and yet are able to live independently. Streetohome provided $45,000 in bridge funding to McLaren for their Portable Rent Subsidy Program, which allows clients to live in private rental accommodation and receive financial assistance towards their rent. Streetohome’s funding enabled 29 clients to maintain their current housing.

Heat Shelters

HEAT shelters provide basic shelter for people who would otherwise be on the street and opportunities for them to transition to more permanent, stable housing options.  A total of 5 shelters were open in the City at the time this initiative opened. The low-barrier Homeless Emergency Action Team (HEAT) shelters were announced on December 9, 2008 by Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson to help Vancouver’s … Read More