Annex 2 Housing

Status: Completed
Opened: Early Winter 2018
Streetohome Contribution: $140,000
Operator: PCRS
Contact: 604-709-5648
We've reached our funding goal!
0 $140,000

Streetohome is partnering with Pacific Community Resources Society (PCRS) to create housing that meets the needs of homeless youth including those who are Indigenous, identify as LGBTQ2S, and/or are transitioning out of foster care or juvenile detention.

The project includes the purchase of a six to seven bedroom home in East Vancouver and will build on the success of the Annex that PCRS has operated since 2008.

PCRS operates the Annex in East Vancouver – a seven-bedroom home, six for participants and one for a live-in caretaker. PCRS owns and operates two similar homes in Surrey. 139 unaccompanied homeless youth (under 24 years of age) were counted in Vancouver in 2016. There is a need to support these youths in their development of life skills, goal setting and overall transition to adulthood and self-sufficiency.

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