Co:Here Housing

Status: Completed
Opened: Summer 2018
Streetohome Contribution: $520,000
Address: 1723 Victoria Drive
Operator: Salsbury Community Society
Contact: 604-629-0653
We've reached our funding goal!
0 $520,000

Streetohome is partnering with Co:Here Foundation and Salsbury Community Society to build supportive housing on a church parking lot. Co:Here Housing is being developed in the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood (at 1st Ave and Victoria Drive). There will be 18 units for homeless people from the surrounding neighbourhood. Eight units will be for co-residents who will pay a reduced rent in exchange for helping the other residents develop independent living skills.

This is an innovative and cost effective supportive housing model. It involves collaboration between faith-based agencies with a focus to house and support homeless people already living in their neighbourhood. The building requires no ongoing charitable contributions or government support for operations because co-residents reduce the annual operating and staffing costs typically associated with supportive housing.

Co:Here is partnering with JustWork, an agency specializing in finding meaningful, supportive work for people with employment barriers. The intention of combining housing with employment will create a community to allow vulnerable people to thrive.