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Project Start: Spring 2020
Expected Completion: Winter 2026
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Building on the success of the original Life Intentions Action Planner paper tool, Streetohome is developing a mobile and web app version. This digital conversion will provide additional features including tracking progress, task reminders, and congratulatory messaging; ensuring a best-fit match between free support services and individual preferences; and chatting with one or more peers to provide mutual support and hold each other accountable.

Streetohome created the Life Intentions Action Planner (LIAP) as a new resource that helps vulnerable individuals including youth, adults, seniors, families, immigrants and refugees, and their peers prioritize their personal goals and find free resources that fit their unique needs and preferences. The LIAP empowers these citizens to plan and realize a better future for themselves, one step at a time.

“Everyone should be able to experience life in the way they want. This tool provides vulnerable individuals with an opportunity to help themselves by seeking out the supports they would like to access, creating an action plan, and building the skills they need to achieve their personal goals,” says Karen Ott, Streetohome volunteer.

The LIAP provides people with a unique opportunity to:

  • Decide what would improve their lives within:
    • housing;
    • education, skills & training;
    • employment & volunteering;
    • health & wellness, including mental health and substance use;
    • legal & advocacy; and/or
    • community & belonging
  • Set goals, track and feel good about their progress
  • Navigate more than 400 free support services narrowed down by personal preferences


Get Your Print Copies Now

If you are a service provider and would like free copies of the printed tool (boxes of 30) delivered to you, or would like to learn more about the app development process, please contact Arielle at [email protected] or 604-629-2711 ext. 103.

Download the Printable LIAP


We Know It Works

The LIAP has been focused tested with varied demographics to ensure appropriate language, graphics, and ease of use. Subsequently, it was piloted with 350 tenants in eight supportive housing buildings.

“I’ve learned so much by helping to focus test the paper tools. There was a woman who got glasses after she went through the Life Intentions Action Planner – that small thing made such a positive impact in her life. She was so proud of the goal that she set and achieved for herself,” says Sarah, Streetohome volunteer.

Streetohome has distributed print copies to shelters, supportive housing, hospitals, police, outreach teams, addiction treatment programs, social services, corrections, and agencies serving newcomers.

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