YWCA Cause We Care House

Status: Completed
Opened: Spring 2017
Streetohome Contribution: $1,000,000
Address: 720 East Hastings Street
Operator: YWCA
Contact: [email protected]

Low income, single mothers with children are at particular risk of homelessness, and have been identified as a key target group for housing by Streetohome Foundation.

Streetohome Foundation is proud to support YWCA’s Cause We Care House, a partnership with the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Public Library. This supportive housing project for single mothers and their children is part of the Downtown Eastside/Strathcona Library Branch. Located at 720 – 730 East Hastings, this project consists of 21 housing units for independent living, with a goal of supporting marginalized women and helping them move to economic independence.

Building design work began in April 2011, with the project breaking ground Winter 2013.  Both the housing and the library opened in April 2017. Check out the official press release.