Addiction Recovery Community Housing

Many people need to leave their home communities, where they have family, friends, and supports and move to a major city in order to find substance use treatment and continuing care. Facing a new and difficult system to navigate, long wait lists, and a lack of affordable housing, many fall through the cracks and out of the care system, off their recovery journey, and become at risk for homelessness. A better option may be accessing care in a familiar system, closer to home where they have a built-in support system.

A New Opportunity to Pursue Recovery

The clear sound of a singing bowl brings everyone’s attention to Damian Murphy, manager of the new Recovery Café pop-up located at 637 East Hastings Street in Vancouver. He asks for a moment of reflection and then proceeds with a few announcements before members come together to participate in the day’s workshops and recovery circle.

Recovery Café Vancouver

Streetohome is proud to partner with The Kettle Society (Vancouver) and the Recovery Café Network (Seattle) to bring a leading-edge recovery pathway to Vancouver – the Recovery Café. The Recovery Café is a place of belonging where people pursuing recovery – whether it’s from, poverty, homelessness, isolation, mental health challenges, trauma, unemployment, or substance use – can participate in an intentional community of mutual support and work towards their recovery goals.

A Need to Be Needed Leads to Success

“To live you need to have a purpose, some fullness and joy. Most of us need to be needed. We need someone to say, ‘We need you,’ in order to rise up, and have that feeling of someone looking at us as a little bit of a leader,” says Dr. Mimi Silbert, President and CEO of Delancey Street Foundation. Delancey … Read More

Learning to Live from Love

“Our members, more than anyone, need to hear in 1000 different ways, the message, ‘You matter, you are valuable, you are worthy of this beautiful place,’” says Killian Noe, Recovery Café Seattle Co-founder. The flagship Recovery Café Vancouver – one of 23 in North America and the first in Canada, will be operated by The Kettle Society. Scheduled to open … Read More

The Importance of Private Sector Involvement

Kevin Falcon has been a community leader in both the public and private sectors, serving in various senior cabinet positions in the BC government and as the VP of Anthem Properties. He joined the Streetohome Board six years ago, providing a broad perspective of the public and private sectors, honing in on their weaknesses and strengths to complement each other.

Recovery Community Centres

Recovery Community Centres (RCCs) are locatable sources of community-based psychosocial recovery support beyond the clinical setting, helping members achieve sustained recovery by building and successfully mobilizing personal, social and community resources. An RCC delivers peer-to-peer recovery support services using its volunteer force as the deliverers of these services. In addition to the one-on-one recovery coaching, skill-building workshops, targeted support groups, socials, recreation opportunities, motivational enhancement, resume development and special topic discussion groups, form part of the various programs delivered at an RCC.

Influencing and Creating Change

Two years ago, Streetohome, thanks to in-kind support from KPMG, led the development of a business case for a new addiction recovery housing pathway – Addiction Recovery Community Housing (ARCH). The new model ensures supported transitions between early recovery housing (including withdrawal management), addiction treatment housing, recovery supportive housing and continuing self-care in the community (Recovery Community Centre). With fewer people falling out of the system at transition points, the ARCH model promises improved outcomes in terms of individuals’ housing, health & wellness, skills & training, employment as well as legal and advocacy goals.

Turning Point Holds 12th Annual Making Recovery a Reality Gala

Turning Point held its 12th Annual Making Recovery a Reality Gala with Chris Gailus of Global BC as emcee, and Howard Blank as auctioneer. Rob Lowe, actor, author and producer, was the guest speaker of the night, captivating the crowd with his honesty, wit and entertaining stories of addiction, recovery, friendship and the entertainment industry.