Homeward Bound: Olivia’s Story

17 years ago, Olivia moved to Vancouver with her partner, and had a happy, healthy son. A lot has happened since – her family has grown, and she recently separated from her partner. Six months ago, she received an eviction notice from her landlord, who wanted to renovate their home.

Finding a New Community and Hope

Emmanuel’s road to stability in Canada had a rocky start. He arrived in Vancouver as a refugee and soon found himself living in a shelter and relying on a local church for food. “It was stressful to go to the refugee hearings with the uncertainty of it all,” says Emmanuel.

Getting their life back: Dan’s Story

Five years ago, Dan left Ontario to begin a new chapter in Vancouver with his girlfriend. Things didn’t work out, and he soon found himself homeless and making a decision between sleeping on the street, or in a shelter.