Working together to build trust, hope and pathways forward

Sex Industry Liaison Officer, Constable Linda Malcolm, has worked with the Vancouver Police Department for 41 years. For most of this time, she was in plain clothes and working on the streets, predominately in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She has worked with at-risk women and men for the last 16 years and with her infectious smile and warmth, has built an unprecedented trust within the community, providing a link between sex workers and the police through support and intervention. Four and a half of these were spent investigating Robert Pickton as part of the Missing Women’s Task Force.

Empowering At-risk Individuals to Plan and Realize a Better Future for Themselves

The Life Intentions Action Planner is a new resource that helps vulnerable individuals including youth, seniors, low-income families, immigrants and refugees, and their support networks such as families or peers, to prioritize their personal goals and find free resources and services that fit their unique needs and preferences.

Why Karen Volunteers

When Streetohome needed expert help in IT and web design in 2017, Karen Ott, who was working as the Senior Business Analyst and Operations Lead at Colliers International at the time, stepped up and took the lead on the redesign of our website.