Delancey Street BC

Delancey Street is a highly structured 2-year live-in community model that provides a pathway towards personal empowerment for those exiting correctional facilities, and/or wishing to leave life on the streets behind. Community members engage in purposeful and meaningful activities that contribute to developing life skills and prosocial behaviours, achieving high school equivalency, and learning three marketable vocations.

Adapted Therapeutic Community (ATC)

Adapted Therapeutic Communities (ATCs) provide an additional therapeutic choice to individuals seeking support at no-cost, in an accessible location, and conveniently scheduled to fit in with other commitments. It involves ‘Community as Method’ using six core principles to empower groups of people to help each other achieve their goals whether it is pursuing a life free of substance use or crime, recovering from a mental health challenge, or simply seeking personal improvement.

Want2 App + Life Intentions Action Planner

Want2 helps individuals with unmet needs – including youth, adults, seniors, families, immigrants & refugees, LGBTQ2S+ and Indigenous – to prioritize their personal goals and find free resources that fit their unique needs and preferences. Want2 then empowers individuals to make plans that effectively meet their needs, one step at a time.