National Bank Delivers Meals to Families Across Canada

On a sunny day in Vancouver, three National Bank Private Banking 1859 employees were busy loading their cars with freshly prepared meals. The meals were a part of National Bank’s Canada-wide community event to unite employees and clients alike in supporting their local communities by providing nutritious food to vulnerable families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mom Saved by Vancouver Rent Bank

For Christine and her daughter, an $1800 emergency loan from the Vancouver Rent Bank saved them from losing their home.
Being welcomed into Christine’s home you wouldn’t know she had been nearly homeless 10 months prior. The Marpole house she rents with her daughter Daisy, cat, birds and fish is not only where they live, but has been their family home for over eight years.

Rent Bank to the Rescue: Arlene’s Story

Arlene had always been an independent career woman, working her entire life to support herself and – later on – her elderly mother. She never would have expected to need the kindness of others to keep her from losing her one-bedroom apartment in Marpole.