September 3, 2017 | Blog

streetohome: in Vancouver sun

Streetohome is exploring how to broker and leverage additional pathways out of homelessness in Vancouver that include employment and addiction recovery. Streetohome hosted a visited from Mimi Silbert, the leader of successful Delancey Street model that addresses individuals housing, employment, healthcare and education needs. Read Lori Culbert’s story in the Vancouver Sun and Province.


Excerpt from the Vancouver Sun article:

“Silbert’s trip to Vancouver comes at a time when new ideas are desperately needed, as the fentanyl overdose crisis kills an average of four people a day in British Columbia. Streetohome hopes to find a spot here that could house up to 300 people, roughly the same size as Delancey’s San Francisco location, and adop its abstinence-based, tough-love model. Abstinence won’t work for the most entrenched drug users, but advocates argue it could work for many of those referred by the courts, probation officers and health-care officials.”


More information about Streetohome’s exploration of homelessness prevention strategies, including addiction recovery, is available in the Spring 2017 issue.

Please visit the Delancey Street site for more information about Mimi Silbert and her unique rehab model.