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In the past 15 years, Vancouver homelessness has remained relatively stable compared to U.S. West Coast cities. Streetohome and its partners invest in supportive housing to keep Vancouver's homelessness numbers from growing rapidly while seeking solutions to improve outcomes.
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Supportive Housing

One of many pathways out of homelessness


Streetohome has partnered with the Province and the City of Vancouver, along with a host of non-profit service providers to develop 344 homes for women and children, 644 homes for persons living with problematic substance use and/or mental health challenges, 123 homes for Indigenous people, 76 homes for youth, and 110 homes for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Each site is operated by a non-profit housing provider and tenant support workers are on-site 24/7. We continue to refine and develop our knowledge blueprint by adhering to best practices in homelessness prevention and supportive housing. This ensures improved tenant outcomes, optimal return on investment, and good stewardship of the generous contributions made by our donors.
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Chosen Family Pods

A shared housing model that increases affordability and makes housing accessible to individuals on a fixed- or low income, including those at-risk for, and/or with lived experience of homelessness.
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Vancouver Harbour Light

Salvation Army will redevelop Vancouver Harbour Light so that it will continue to help vulnerable individuals who have experienced of homelessness or at-risk for homelessness in the Downtown Eastside.
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