About Us

Streetohome is dedicated to enhancing the system of supports that address individual housing, legal, health (including addiction recovery), education and employment needs of those who are homeless, at-risk of homelessness, or have lived experience of homelessness so that they can achieve their goals, progress towards self-sufficiency, and move on with their lives to the extent that they desire.

Our Start

Streetohome was incubated in Vancouver Foundation in 2008. Seed funding was provided by Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. Since inception, Streetohome has contributed $33M from the private sector to leverage (often 10:1) sustainable solutions to homelessness.

Our Role

Streetohome is changing lives and building better futures by working with the private sector to broker and leverage new funding, innovative ideas, and opportunities for collaboration between public and non-profit sectors to implement sustainable solutions to homelessness in Vancouver. Streetohome strives to address gaps in services to meet the employment & volunteering; learning, training & skills; housing; health & wellness; legal & advocacy; and community & belonging needs of vulnerable individuals that are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

How We Work

  • Promoting a systematic approach – a comprehensive set of connected services
  • Searching for evidence-based and promising practices that will fill gaps in the Homelessness Services System and avoid duplication
  • Brokering collaborative relationships that pool and optimize limited resources
  • Leveraging private sector contributions (often at 10:1) and sharing both risks and successes

Streetohome has
three broad goals

  1. Provide stable housing with appropriate support services
  2. Prevent people who are most vulnerable from becoming homeless
  3. Build broad public support and commitment for permanent solutions to homelessness

Streetohome is not wavering from its success in facilitating a Housing First Approach in Vancouver. Building on the core elements of Community Action on Homelessness: Streetohome’s 10-Year Plan for Vancouver (2010-2020), enhanced strategies continue to be introduced based on what we have learned over the years. Our current efforts serve as a refreshed blueprint, containing the latest knowledge and best practices in homelessness prevention and housing the homeless. This is inline with ensuring an optimal return on investment and good stewardship of the generous contributions made by our donors.

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