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National Bank Private Banking 1859 invests in addressing homelessness

STH-Webmaster   |   February 27, 2018

Streetohome has received a $20,000 donation from National Bank Private Banking 1859 to fund supportive housing and homeless prevention initiatives.

“Homelessness is one of, if not the biggest challenge we face in Vancouver and our staff witness it every day as we drive through our community,” says Darwin Schandor, Vice-President, in Vancouver.

“Private Banking 1859 is committed to supporting this challenge and we are proud to support Streetohome with all the work that they do to address homelessness.”

Since its inception, Streetohome has leveraged more than $31M for 21 supportive housing projects (1,335 units) which translates into homes for more than 1800 individuals, including children, youth, single adults, couples, families and seniors. Combined with homeless prevention programs, that include the Vancouver Rent Bank, Streetohome has directly helped more than 2600 vulnerable people find stability in their lives.

National Bank Private Banking 1859 is the sixth largest bank in Canada with branches in almost every province in Canada.