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WorkWithUs helps formerly homeless individuals find jobs

STH-Webmaster   |   November 1, 2018

Streetohome is committed to ensuring that people in our city, who are at-risk of homelessness or have lived experience of homelessness, have access to employment opportunities that align with their capabilities and preferences.

After stable housing, employment is a critical element for mental health and well-being. Employment provides marginalized individuals a broadened social network, a sense of belonging, an opportunity to participate more fully in society, and a door to increased income, independent living and self-sufficiency.

WorkWithUs – a new non-profit staffing agency – matches individuals seeking employment with supportive employers. It is a partnership between Streetohome and TPD, an international Workforce and HR Solutions company.

WorkWithUs provides professional, leading edge business services, married with the ‘high-touch’ that many vulnerable individuals need to succeed.

“We work closely with an individual’s housing provider and other support professionals who have long-term, trusting relationships with individuals and can provide the additional support they need,” said Kate Perkins, Former Operations Manager, WorkWithUs.

WorkWithUs takes the pressure off an individual and allows them to explore their options, as they determine when they want to work; if it’s for a few hours a day or full-time, with no negative consequence, if they decide to take time off in-between jobs.

WorkWithUs prepares staff to get ‘work ready’ – helping them learn soft skills they need to succeed and ensure they are emotionally able to take on the challenges of work. It also provides medical, extended health and dental benefits after 600 hours of work.

“That was a no-brainer for us. We provide those benefits at TPD, and we felt it was even more important to provide them to individuals at WorkWithUs who may need them even more so,” added Kate.

Want to learn more about WorkWithUs? Please contact Bernadette at WorkWithUs by emailing [email protected], phoning 604-330-3516, booking a meeting, or connecting on LinkedIn.

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