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The Importance of Private Sector Involvement

STH-Webmaster   |   October 15, 2020

Kevin Falcon has been a community leader in both the public and private sectors, serving in various senior cabinet positions in the BC government and as the VP of Anthem Properties. He joined the Streetohome Board six years ago, providing a broad perspective of the public and private sectors, honing in on their weaknesses and strengths to complement each other.

“What I loved about Streetohome is that it’s a place where all the parties involved can come together to share ideas,” says Kevin. “The opportunity to have private sector input into some of these social policy challenges is really helpful.”

“Streetohome ensures that the solutions we put forward are grounded in facts and science and can be implemented quickly and efficiently to make the greatest impact,” he says.

The San Francisco-based Delancey Street Foundation model is one such solution. The peer-led, self-help model is a long-term recovery pathway that combines housing with life skills development, education, and employment training to support vulnerable individuals transitioning out of the corrections system.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than to go see firsthand … the workers there who have turned their lives around and are working in the [Delancey Street] restaurant,” says Kevin. “You won’t find a finer group of people.”