Bridge Housing – Sue Bujold floor

Status: Completed
Opened: Winter 2014
Streetohome Contribution: $160,000
Address: 100 East Cordova Street
Operator: Atira
Contact: [email protected]

Streetohome provided $160,000 in capital funding to Atira Women’s Resource Society towards the renovation of the seventh floor of Bridge Housing for Women (100 East Cordova Street). Now open as the Sue Bujold Floor, it offers eight supported living units for women with chronic illness, allowing the women to be appropriately housed until their health improves or they reach the end of their lives.

The women living in these units are all homeless or at risk and are either not ready or eligible for hospice care. This floor provides housing along with the supported medical care needed for the women to improve their health, or in cases of terminal illness, die in dignity.

Learn more about the Sue Bujold Floor at Bridge Housing for Women.