Homeward Bound

Many homeless in Vancouver have migrated to the City with plans and dreams for their future. In all instances, homelessness is not an instant state. There is a pathway to homelessness, paved with numerous factors including unemployment, cost of housing, addiction, and mental health concerns.

Understanding that migration within BC and from across Canada is a contributor to homelessness in Vancouver, Streetohome is exploring models that support successful transitions to a self-identified and preferred home community, where housing and familiar support networks exist.

One such model is Homeward Bound, that assists individuals who are currently, or about to become homeless, with access to transportation back to their self-identified ‘home’ community.  A facilitated ‘homecoming’ provides an opportunity to reconnect with previous  support systems that may include family, friends and support groups. Returning to one’s community where one is known and already familiar with service navigation may be a comforting and reassuring change in environment from being overwhelmed and isolated in Vancouver.