Howe Street

Status: Completed
Opened: Summer 2013
Streetohome Contribution: $2,200,000
Address: 1249 Howe Street
Operator: McLaren Housing Society
Contact: 604-669-4090

The combination of homelessness and HIV/AIDS can result in severe health concerns and expensive emergency services. In partnership with the McLaren Housing Society, the Province of BC and the City of Vancouver, Streetohome has committed $20 million to develop eight city sites, including this 110 unit project located downtown at Howe Street for those living with HIV/AIDS. Residents will experience an improved quality of life by gaining access to health management and wellness programs, life skills programs demonstrating nutrition, housekeeping and budgeting; and links to case managers, education and employment programs.

Construction began in Summer 2011 and was complete in Spring 2013. Tenants began moving into the building in August 2013.


Streetohome’s contribution to this project is made possible in part because of the generosity of BMO Financial Group ($1 million) and an anonymous donor ($1 million). Read more about BMO’s gift.

In November 2013, BMO Garden was unveiled at Howe Street in honor of BMO’s contribution to this building.

Donors of
This Project

BMO Bank of Montreal

BMO’s gift reflects its nationwide commitment to combat urban issues of poverty, youth unemployment and homelessness at the local level.