March 19, 2018 | Blog

Streetohome Spring 2018 newsletter

Our Spring newsletter is now on-line (will include direct link to newsletter). In this issue, we are pleased to provide news about WorkWithUs, an employment program for the formerly homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless. Our vision is to help those most vulnerable in society realize their life and employment goals and move towards financial independence.

A job can be the entry point to re-engage into the everyday rhythm of society. For Maya, a former alcoholic, work has been part of her recovery. Maya’s boss believes the commitment Maya has to her recovery, is the same commitment she brings to her work, and that’s an asset for any employer.

Once an individual has a home, a job, and gains some financial stability, they may have a personal goal to move into more independent housing. Streetohome is helping to fund a new pilot program launched by our partners BC Housing, the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Coastal Health, called STEP (Supporting Tenants, Enabling Pathways). 100 individuals, currently living in supportive housing, and self-identified as being ready to move, will get help to find subsidized, private, or shared housing.

Lastly, we bring you a Q&A with one of our newest board members, Sherri Magee, an oncology researcher, and Vice Chair of the Vancouver Police Board.

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