Living Learning Experience – ATC Facilitator Training coming to BC fall 2023!

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Streetohome, in partnership with BC Addiction Recovery Association, is facilitating The Living Learning Experience (LLE) for BC organizations seeking to bring the Adapted Therapeutic Community (ATC) model to their community. Whether it’s incorporating ATCs into existing services, or adding a stand-alone program, the model will contribute to improved outcomes within housing, substance use, corrections and mental wellness sectors.

With over 20 years of combined training and research behind them, an international faculty will be leading the ATC Facilitator Training in BC. The LLE is an evidence-based practice that provides an experiential education for prospective ATC Facilitators. The training is designed as an authentic, three-day immersion in a therapeutic community, taking place entirely in groups with a structured program of activities. The leaders create a powerful and effective environment for learning and personal development in a short time frame, promoting reflective practice, enabling environments, and emotionally safe working practices.

ATC Facilitator Training is available to clergy, counsellors, Elders, nurses, peers, psychologists, physicians, social workers, support workers, and volunteers. The model can be readily implemented in shelters, supportive housing, community centres, libraries, places of worship, neighbourhood houses, hospital inpatients units, treatment programs, recovery community centres, correctional facilities, drop-in centres, and recovery housing.

September 2023 Workshops

To successfully implement the model, interested organizations should experience the TC “from the other side” – as a participating member of the therapeutic community. This is done by taking part in a Living Learning Experience (LLE) where participants develop practical skills in the way they relate to, communicate with, and interact among others. The experience will be facilitated by six international faculty members – all experts in LLE training and therapeutic communities.

The LLE will take place at Manning Park Resort in September, with two, 3-day courses to choose from.

Dates: September 13-15, 2023 / September 18-20, 2023

Location: Manning Park Resort 7500 HWY #3, Manning Park, BC

Cost: We are pleased to offer the ATC Facilitator Training for $200/participant ($1,695 savings), which includes accommodations, meals, training, course materials, and continuing education. Limited financial assistance is available for those who demonstrate a need.

Please email [email protected] for more information

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