Sanford Apartments

Status: Completed
Opened: Winter 2012
Streetohome Contribution: $1,240,000
Address: 1601 West 7th Avenue
Operator: MPA Society
Contact: 604-482-3700

About 85 percent of individuals who are homeless have challenges with mental illness.

In partnership with the Sanford Housing Society, the MPA Society, the Province of BC and the City of Vancouver, Streetohome committed a portion of $20 million to develop this 62 unit project at 7th & Fir, as part of its overall commitment to building eight city sites.

Sanford Apartments provide both housing and support services such as on-site and outreach workers for mental health treatment services, advocacy workers and support staff, along with advocacy, outreach and crisis prevention.

Construction began in December 2010 and the building opened as Sanford Apartments in 2012.

Read the press releases from the groundbreaking event and the official opening.