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Streetohome Foundation Provides Supportive Housing for People Coping with Mental Illness

STH-Webmaster   |   November 8, 2012

Today Streetohome Foundation officially opened its first newly developed building as part of its campaign to break the cycle of homelessness in Vancouver. In partnership with the City of Vancouver and the Province of B.C., Streetohome is helping build over 1,100 new homes for those in need. For this particular building, Streetohome Foundation and its supporters provided approximately $1.24 million towards the cost of the building.

“Streetohome is committed to helping ensure that all residents in Vancouver have a safe, secure place to call home,” said Rob Turnbull, President and CEO of Streetohome Foundation. “We are proud to have committed $20 million to eight projects under the partnership between the B.C. government and the City of Vancouver – and even prouder to celebrate Sanford Apartments, the first of these to open.”

Streetohome Foundation provides permanent stable housing with appropriate support services to address the issues of homelessness as part of its 10-Year Plan to help solve homelessness. Amongst the homeless population, over 80 percent of individuals have challenges with mental illness.

Newly built and fully tenanted at 2279 Fir Street, this new nine-storey building provides 62 apartments with integrated support services for individuals living with mental illness.

MPA offers on-site services to connect people with mental health treatment services, on-site advocacy workers and kitchen support staff, and advocacy and crisis intervention. They also operate outreach services within a community resource centre located on the first and second floors that will provide services for mental health clients. The building is managed and operated by the Katherine Sanford Housing Society.

“I’d like to thank all partners who worked tirelessly to ensure that Sanford Apartments became a reality,” said Dave MacIntyre, Executive Director, MPA Society. “This new supportive housing, located in Kitsilano, brings a valuable new option to people who are facing mental health challenges living in this neighbourhood.”

“We are so excited to be celebrating the opening of this new supportive housing development,” said Bonnie Rice, Executive Director, Katherine Sanford Housing Society. “Katherine Sanford, the society’s namesake, is thrilled that we are working hard to carry on her work of ensuring that all individuals living with mental health challenges in Vancouver have access to safe, supportive homes.”

Streetohome Foundation is committed to working with non-profit, business, community, and government partners to find new approaches to preventing and alleviating homelessness in Vancouver.

About Streetohome Foundation
Streetohome is dedicated to ensuring that residents of our city have access to safe, decent, affordable housing and the support they need to make a difference in their lives. Streetohome is the first organization in Vancouver to take a systematic approach to addressing both homelessness and its root causes. Learn more at www.streetohome.org.

About MPA
MPA Society is a non-profit and registered charitable organization founded in 1971 by people experiencing the debilitating effects of mental illness and their supporters. The MPA Society with its long established history is a recognized leader in community mental health service program delivery and has been a proud member of the Kitsilano, Vancouver, Maple Ridge and Surrey communities for over 39 years. For more information, please visit www.mpa-society.org.

About Katherine Sanford Housing Society
Established in 1989, Katherine Sanford Housing Society is a registered charitable organization. The society’s role is to develop innovative, efficient, and cost-effective housing for people living with mental illness or addictions. Katherine Sanford Housing Society specializes in housing development and property management, partnering with other non- profits and various independents with expertise in provision of support services. The Society has developed 20 supportive housing projects in typical residential neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Richmond. For more information, visit www.kshs.ca/.

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