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our role

Our Role

Our Goals

  1. Provide permanent stable housing with appropriate support services
  2. Prevent people who are most vulnerable from becoming homeless
  3. Build broad public support and commitment for permanent solutions to homelessness

Our Mission

Streetohome Foundation is a community organization working to ensure that all citizens of Vancouver have access to safe, decent, affordable housing. We bring together business, government and community leaders to build resources and develop lasting solutions to homelessness.

Guiding Principles

  1. Housing is a basic need
  2. Shelter is not housing
  3. Solving homelessness is a collective responsibility
  4. Services, support systems, agencies, programs and funding must help people who experience homelessness to gain and maintain permanent housing
  5. Advocacy is essential to help shift the paradigm from managing homelessness to implementing permanent solutions
  6. Prevention is the best solution to homelessness and breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness
  7. Housing, services and discharge planning are essential to reduce the numbers of individuals exiting jails, health institutions and foster care into homelessness
  8. Reliable data and meaningful evaluation are essential to understand and implement solutions to homelessness
  9. Concentrate resources on programs that offer permanent solutions to end homelessness and that produce measurable results
  10. We must celebrate success along the way