Changed Lives

Changed Lives

Since 2008, we've put capital to the construction of 1400+ units in 24 buildings and brokered 13 support services to address unmet needs. We've helped thousands of individuals, including youth, singles, couples, families, and seniors, move along their preferred life path.


Our Donors

Streetohome believes in addressing the root causes of homelessness, so individuals don’t have to suffer the harsh reality of homelessness, and if they do become homeless, that the experience is as brief and least harmful as possible.

Success Stories

Behind the numbers, it's the people that matter

As much as we would like to be proud of the buildings we've helped get off the ground, and the support services that we've brokered, it's really the stories about the people behind the numbers that keeps us focused, driving us to do better every day.  They inspire and give us hope that for many, a happy ending is possible, if we all work towards it.