Our Start

Our Start

Incubated in 2008 by Vancouver Foundation, in partnership with the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia, we've raised $34M from the private sector to bring about sustainable homelessness solutions.

Our Role

Our Role

Streetohome is a trusted agent and adviser for innovative change in addressing homelessness and its impact on Vancouver

About Us

What we're all about and the people that make it happen

Streetohome is dedicated to enhancing the homelessness system of supports that address individual housing, legal & advocacy, health & wellness, education & training, employment & volunteering, and/or safety and belonging needs of those at-risk for, or have lived experience of homelessness so that they can achieve their goals, progress towards self-sufficiency, and move on with their lives to the extent that they desire.

How We Work

Promote Systems

by documenting synergies, efficiencies, and outcomes of innovative services and housing models

Invite the Private Sector

into taking smart risks and adapting, integrating, and validating sustainable solutions

Seek Opportunities

for collaboration between public, non-profit, and private sectors to implement and oversee changes

Encourage Scaling

of Streetohome and its initiatives to fill gaps in housing and support services across the province
$0 mil
raised since 2008
changed lives and better futures
homes in 24 buildings
evidence-based services that fill gaps



gaps in housing and services for those with lived experience of homelessness through innovative and accountable projects and programs



the integration of effective support services with stable housing



the best use of existing supportive housing through enabling transitions to independent living and employment




transparency in data and accountability for outcomes in the allocation of public and private resources

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Our people

Nothing moves forward without passionate people

Streetohome runs lean and efficient, maximizing every dollar fundraised and keeping operational costs low.  With that said, it takes a dedicated team to keep things running smoothly and directed towards the best possible outcomes.


Streetohome thanks its donor partners for their support

As a careful steward of donor resources, we annually review key performance indicators on currently funded initiatives to ensure optimal outcomes from limited resources.  With a lean staff of three operating out of office space generously provided by Vancouver's Aquilini family, Streetohome keeps its administration minimal and contributes 100% of capital funding to the support service and housing models making a difference.  Through the heavy lifting of its volunteer board, committees, and advisory groups, Streetohome expands the scope of what is possible - changing more lives and building better futures.