Streetohome collaborates with experts and focuses on evidence-based initiatives that contribute to housing stability by promoting recovery from unemployment, isolation, mental health challenges, trauma, loneliness, problematic substance use, and/or criminal histories.
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We broker services that have proven track records


It is only when we started to really understand the variety of unmet needs, that we started to focus on the nature of support services and a need to introduce compelling services that promote engagement and evidence-based, longer-term outcomes. We have shifted our thinking from ‘building our way our way out of homelessness’ to ‘brokering multiple pathways’ that have the life changing impact they were designed for – helping individuals move on with their lives.
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Delancey St. BC

The search for an appropriate site for this groundbreaking program from San Francisco might soon be at an end.  Check out the latest.
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Homeward Bound

A program that allows individuals to return to their home places of origin so that they may recover and heal among familiar surroundings and family and friends.

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Recovery Cafe

Streetohome is proud to partner with The Kettle Society and the Recovery Café Network to bring a leading-edge recovery pathway to Vancouver.