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Streetohome Foundation President speaks at Housing Central Conference

STH-Webmaster   |   November 20, 2017

Rob Turnbull, President and CEO of the Streetohome Foundation, joined Dr. Emmy Tiderington, an assistant professor and researcher at the State University of New Jersey, for a thought leaders discussion on the challenges and opportunities of implementing a “Moving On” initiative at the Housing Central Conference today. New York already has an established program, while BC is just getting ready to launch a pilot with 100 residents.

A partnership between BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Streetohome Foundation, the program will help individuals, who are ready, to move on from supportive housing, thereby ensuring housing for those most in need is being utilized efficiently.

The STEP process:
– The project team identifies individuals currently living in supportive housing unit who no longer need the support provided there and who could be supported to transition into independent housing if they wish.
– The STEP project participant, their referral agency, and the outreach team meet to find an appropriate independent housing option that would meet the participant’s needs.
– The outreach team and the STEP participant develop a move-on plan. Using grant funding provided by the Streetohome Foundation, the individual is supported in their move to independent housing.
– The outreach team stays connected to the participant in their new housing situation and helps resolve any issues that may arise.
– Vacated units are tenanted with individuals who are experiencing homelessness (either accessing shelter services on unsheltered) and are in need of a supportive housing environment.