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STEP Program

Supporting Tenants, Enabling Pathways (STEP) is the first program in the province to assist self-identified individuals who are ready to move on with their lives and towards self-sufficiency. This project will provide a means to optimize the use of supportive housing – a limited and expensive community resource – and better steward the generous contributions from Streetohome donors who contributed to the construction of over 1300 new units.

Streetohome Foundation is collaborating with the City of Vancouver, BC Housing and Vancouver Coastal Health to support 100 individuals – currently living in supportive housing – move on to their preferred choice of subsidized, lower-end-of-market or shared housing (preferred by couples and some youth and seniors). The vacated homes will make way for street and sheltered homeless who require the more comprehensive tenant services that are available in supportive housing.

We know there are individuals currently living in supportive housing who are ready to move into more independent housing, but may feel they lack affordable housing options; need financial assistance to pay for expenses associated with independent housing (e.g., first and last month’s rent, modest household furnishings and kitchen essentials), and want to be assured that extra support is available if they encounter challenges along the way.

Project Features: 

  • Financial support will be provided for 100 individuals to move on to their preferred choice of social, lower-end-of-market or shared housing.
  • City of Vancouver and BC Housing will identify appropriate affordable housing options.
    Supports will be based on comprehensive needs assessment, including housing history, health issues, ability to manage daily living skills, and emotional independence.
  • STEP Program Coordinator will work with Vancouver Coastal Health and community providers to access health care supports and community programs. Further, practical and emotional support will be provided on move logistics and check-ins after move will be scheduled to ensure individuals are thriving in their new homes
  • In the end, the previous tenant is happier living in their preferred housing and the more operationally expensive supportive housing unit will be freed-up for those who are currently living in shelters or on the street and require more intense supports.

Check  out the STEP POSTER, which shows the complete STEP process and pilot project evaluation.

  • Status:


  • Opened:

    December 2017

Streetohome's Funding Goal

Project Donors


Maria Marina Foundation

The MariaMarina Foundation was established in 2009 in memory of Maria Holder and her daughter Marina Brewster, the mother and sister of the Foundation’s President Christopher Holder. Both ladies died before their time (Marina in 1983 and Maria in 2004) and MariaMarina Foundation looks to recognise their passions and supports worthy causes in their memory.
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