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Sequoia and Alder House

Streetohome partnered with Pacific Community Resources Society to provide housing for youth who are struggling to find and maintain safe, supportive, and affordable places to live. Many of the youth are transitioning into adulthood while exiting from government care. This supportive housing provides opportunities for youth to stabilize, feel safe, gain life skills and independence. Recognizing that youth have different needs than adults, Pacifica Community Resources Society renovated two five-bedroom family homes named Alder House and Sequoia House. Youth may need to learn how to cook and budget, to be able to find ways to maintain health relationships and peer communities. Youth also need connections to longer term housing, health, education, and employment services and supports. Youth aged 16-24 are able to live in a home-like environment, feel safe, thrive and become empowered to choose to move forward on a positive life path. Every young person deserves an opportunity to forge their own path to financial independence, and the journey can now start with a stable and safe place to call ‘home’.
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    January 2018

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