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St. Paul’s The HUB

Streetohome has partnered with St Paul’s Hospital to build a space – the ‘HUB’ – that includes 10 clinical treatment spaces and a transitional centre including common lounge, kitchen, overnight accommodation with bathroom and shower facilities for eight individuals. The HUB serves those living with severe addictions and mental health issues.

Individuals living with severe addiction and mental health issues may not be served well by mainstream health services. Both patients and health care providers have difficulty navigating and coordinating resources to meet diverse needs of this population. Consequently, many of these individuals make frequent visits to St. Paul’s Emergency Department in crisis. The HUB offers an improved care path that changes lives and builds better futures for all

The HUB offers:

  • Faster access to psychiatry and clinical treatment within a less hectic environment.
  • Triage to St. Paul’s Rapid Access Addiction Clinic (outpatient).
  • Transitional Living Space that provides a diversion from inpatient admissions, or alternatively, a bridged return from hospital to community mental health and addiction services.
  • An estimated redirection of up to 6,000 emergency department visits annually that will contribute to improved flow for other users.
  • A Research and evaluation component that will track hospital system utilization metrics and health outcome measures for patients accessing the HUB.
  • Status:

    On Hold

  • Opened:

    January 2017

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