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National Bank Delivers Meals to Families Across Canada

STH-Webmaster   |   June 6, 2020

On a sunny day in Vancouver, three National Bank Private Banking 1859 employees were busy loading their cars with freshly prepared meals. The meals were a part of National Bank’s Canada-wide community event to unite employees and clients alike in supporting their local communities by providing nutritious food to vulnerable families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a challenging time for everyone, and it’s moments like this where we all need to play a leadership role,” says Darwin Schandor, Vice-President of Private Banking 1859. “We need to be there for the community to ensure that no one is left behind.”

National Bank has supported Streetohome since 2016 and Darwin has played a role on Streetohome’s Employment Access Committee to provide his perspective on how the business community can play a strong role in addressing homelessness.

“During this global crisis, I can only imagine homelessness and unemployment will worsen. When the meal delivery initiative was conceptualized, my first thought was to call Rob Turnbull and gain his insight on where National Bank’s commitment could have the greatest impact,” says Darwin. “YWCA Metro Vancouver provides vital programs and services to families, and helping women and children during these uncertain times resonated with us.”

Partnering with Emad Yacoub, CEO, Glowbal Restaurant Group, National Bank delivered three-course meals to YWCA families. It was hoped that for one night, families would get a temporary reprieve from the stress of living under the threat of COVID-19.

“Emad is such a strong leader in the restaurant community and his restaurants have been providing meals to frontline workers during this crisis. It was a natural fit that we would connect with him to help facilitate this support initiative,” says Darwin.

“Now is the most important time in all our lifetime to help, and together, we will all get through this.”

Darwin Schandor, Streetohome Board member and Regional President, British Columbia, National Bank of Canada and Rob Turnbull, CEO of Streetohome, drop off prepared meals to the YWCA Crabtree Corner.