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Getting their life back: Dan’s Story

STH-Webmaster   |   August 7, 2020

Five years ago, Dan left Ontario to begin a new chapter in Vancouver with his girlfriend. Things didn’t work out, and he soon found himself homeless and making a decision between sleeping on the street, or in a shelter.

Now, Dan no longer needs to make that choice – he traveled back to his family in Ontario through Homeward Bound. This newly launched program helps individuals with lived and living experience of homelessness return to their chosen community where housing and supports are available to them.

“I saw Homeward Bound as an opportunity to change my life,” says Dan. “I wanted to get away from the drugs surrounding me here, and get away from the streets. I could have my old life back.” Dan says moving back to his home and family has made him a happier person. He lives with his mother, stepdad and brother, and enjoys being able to visit his cousin and grandmother, who frequently called his family to ask how he was doing while he was living in Vancouver.

“My grandmother is so happy I’m back. My family wanted to bring me home, but weren’t able to afford it,” says Dan. “Homeward Bound made things a lot easier because they were able to cover the travel costs.”

Now that’s he’s settled back into his home and community, Dan wants to continue working towards his goals.

“I want to start working again, start exercising and get a part-time job. I don’t want to be on disability for the rest of my life.”