June 1, 2021 | Blog

A Message From Our CEO

Streetohome’s strength is bringing together leaders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors through book clubs, study trips and business cases to be inspired by best-practice models around the world with the hope of co-creating evidence-based solutions that address root causes of homelessness here in our own city. Therapeutic Communities (TC) are a small group-based approach to resolving long-term mental health issues and/or substance use challenges and a recent focus of ours.
Our recent book club discussed TC innovations described in The Theory and Practice of Democratic Therapeutic Community Treatment by Dr. Steve Pearce and Dr. Rex Haigh.

The authors are two psychiatrists that have been leading TC innovations in the UK over the past 16 years. TC core principles and evidence-based practices can be incorporated into a variety of group settings to enhance supports for improved individual outcomes.

In this issue, we hope you enjoy meeting the authors and two book club members who were inspired and are exploring ways to adapt what they’ve learned to help their communities form meaningful connections that support each other in moving along their preferred life path.

Learn more about the TC model and keep up to date with discussions, webinars, virtual conferences, and events like the planned 2022 Living Learning Experience in Vancouver – on Streetohome’s TC Community of Practice. Chapter summaries, questions and discussion notes are available for those interested in organizing their own book club. For access, contact [email protected].