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People are Stronger Together

STH-Webmaster   |   June 1, 2021

"People are the masters of their own destiny and health, but at times, they need support and help,” says Nancy Keough, Executive Director of The Kettle Society.

Streetohome and The Kettle have partnered to introduce a flagship Recovery Café in Vancouver – the 23rd in North America and first in Canada. The Recovery Café uses the Therapeutic Community (TC) principles of promoting personal-agency and a sense of belonging, ensuring everyone has a voice (democracy), and developing mutual concern and accountability for one another, to provide a peer-led refuge for individuals seeking recovery from homelessness, trauma, poverty, isolation, stigma, substance use and/or mental health challenges.

Nancy says the TC approach in the UK has been successful in truly empowering people to develop skills and confidence to have more control in their lives – people are reconnecting with friends and family, taking charge of their health, and having a fulfilling life as active and contributing members of their community.

“People are stronger together. There’s this radical change that happens and gives people hope,” she says.

“There’s great value in incorporating the TC principles and practices into the recovery system in Vancouver, and there can be really thoughtful ways to include these into new and existing services. Our members are really excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Recovery Café – something that’s more peer-driven, where they can grow together and support one another, where they can both co-create, and help someone else.”

Learn more about the TC model and keep up to date with discussions, webinars, virtual conferences, and events like the planned 2022 Living Learning Experience in Vancouver – on Streetohome’s TC Community of Practice. Chapter summaries, questions and discussion notes are available for those interested in organizing their own book club. For access, contact [email protected].