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Building Hope and Possibility

STH-Webmaster   |   May 5, 2022

The new UGM Women and Families Centre is a transformational program that will take women, and women with children, off the streets and give them a safe place to call home for as long as they need – fostering independence and creating a positive ripple effect for those it serves,” says Don McQuaid, Managing Director, World Housing.

World Housing grew out of a need to provide housing that helps people to thrive, and to build better communities with effects that radiate beyond individuals and into families, villages, cities and countries.

“World Housing is really a community of like-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals who come together to collectively make long-term social impact. We share the belief that a home is really at the root of security and the base we all need to make upward mobility in the world, and it’s something everyone deserves to have,” says Sam White, Brand Director and Business Partnerships at World Housing.

World Housing has funded projects around the world, including the Girls to Grannies Village in Cambodia. The Village supports orphaned girls with a safe, supportive place to live so that they can attend school and be nurtured by ‘grannies’ living in the community.

“One of the core principles within World Housing is promoting sustainable social change, and the best way to make transformational change is where you build on the pillars that support a healthy community. It starts with safe housing, but we look to build supportive communities that provide families and individuals access to nutrition and health services, education, and employment training,” explains Sam.

“We saw that the Streetohome stool focuses on six key aspects of social change, and it really demonstrated how Streetohome and its partners give a hand up, not a handout. It ensures that the people impacted are really thriving, and we want to make sure we partner with people who can bring these elements to the table,” says Don.

The Women and Families Centre will work towards preventing cycles of trauma in families, nurturing a healthier, more hopeful future generation.

Evidence-based programs and supports that minimize stigma and provide practical and emotional support for recovery and parenting will be available.

The development includes 36 addiction recovery housing spaces where women and children will be provided with wraparound services under one roof, including daycare and employment training. The Women and Families Centre is World Housing’s first local project, and the organization has expanded their commitment to fund safe and sustainable homes in North America.

“When you can feel the strength of the community or group around you, it starts to elevate your thinking into a place of hope and possibility,” says Don. “These are important outcomes, and we believe the Women and Families Centre will accomplish that.”

UGM Women's and Families Centre will open in winter 2021 on 616 E. Cordova Street in Vancouver.  For more information call 604-253-4044 or go to ugm.ca.