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Want2 App + Life Intentions Action Planner

Building on the success of the original Life Intentions Action Planner paper tool, Streetohome developed Want2 – a mobile and web app version.

Want2 helps individuals with unmet needs – including youth, adults, seniors, families, immigrants & refugees, LGBTQ2S+ and Indigenous – to prioritize their personal goals and find free resources that fit their unique needs and preferences. Want2 then empowers individuals to make plans that effectively meet their needs, one step at a time.

Want2 provides people with a unique opportunity to:

  • Decide what they would like to change in their lives:
    • health & wellness (includes general physical health; eye, ear and dental health; mental health; and substance use);
    • employment & volunteering;
    • education, skills & training;
    • housing;
    • legal & advocacy; and/or
    • community & belonging
  • Easily navigate over 500+ free support services and opportunities that they can self-refer to in the city of Vancouver
  • Create action plans, track, and feel good about their progress
  • Chat with family, friends, and service providers for additional support
  • Keep motivated and help others stay on track by growing their community of support
  • Receive encouragement, congratulatory messaging, reminders, and daily activities to build on their successes

For a Want2 demo or Want2 App User Guide, contact [email protected] or 604-629-2711 ext. 103.

  • Status:


  • Launched:

    June 2022

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Get Printed Copies of the Life Intention Action Planner

If you are a service provider and would like free copies of the printed tool (boxes of 20) delivered to you, or would like to learn more about the Want2 app, please contact Peter at [email protected] or 604-629-2711 ext. 103.  Otherwise you can download PDF versions below.

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