August 17, 2022 | Blog

A message from the Board Chair and CEO

Without a sense of community, we can’t expect better outcomes for people, especially in a time when social isolation has become the norm – whether that’s as insidious as not knowing our neighbours, or as straightforward as the pandemic lockdowns.

As the world discovered during the height of the pandemic, humans thrive when they have a sense of belonging, when everyone has a voice that’s heard, and have mutual concern and accountability for one another. These principles are what will be key to improving outcomes in any project affecting the homelessness services system, and we see the great potential of incorporating these principles in Streetohome’s latest projects – the Adapted Therapeutic Community, Recovery Café, Shared Housing, Want2, and Delancey Street.

We hope you will be inspired to increase a sense of community and belonging into your own lives – both personal and work. As we increase this social capital for those in recovery from homelessness, poverty, isolation, mental health and substance use challenges, everyone benefits – our Partners, service providers, neighbours, and local businesses. Thank you for changing lives and building better futures with us.