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Surrey & White Rock Life Intentions Action Planner

STH-Webmaster   |   October 14, 2022

Streetohome is pleased to announce that we’ve developed a Surrey/White Rock edition of the Life Intentions Action Planner & Companion Guide to Services (LIAP) to meet the goal setting and service navigation needs of homeless populations.

Knowing that individuals with lived experience or at-risk of homelessness may travel between Vancouver and Surrey to access services, we thought that Surrey/White Rock residents would find a community resource guide specific to their city helpful in finding the best-fit services that meet their needs and intentions. The LIAP also includes goal-setting and self-affirmation exercises to boost self-confidence and keep them motivated.

The Life Intentions Action Planner has been well received in Vancouver, with 5500 copies distributed to 65 service providers including police, emergency departments, outreach, shelters, supportive housing, treatment centres and probation/parole offices.

It is our hope that a Surrey-based organization will partner with Streetohome by  pilot testing the tool, distributing printed copies to service providers throughout Surrey/White Rock area, and updating services and programs. If you know of an agency interested in taking a lead role, , please email [email protected].