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Create positive change and end the stigma with Bell Let’s Talk

STH-Webmaster   |   January 29, 2020

Streetohome is proud to support Bell’s 10th annual Let’s Talk Day. 44% of homeless individuals surveyed in the Vancouver Homeless Count 2019 reported that they had a mental health concern. This is an increase from 39% last year.

Poverty and mental health are a vicious cycle, where those living with mental illness are more likely to experience homelessness, and the consequences of homelessness being more severe when coupled with mental illness. These individuals often encounter more barriers to employment and tend to be in poorer health, both physically and mentally. Not only that, but the stigma against those living with mental illness prevents them from seeking connection to resources and communities, leading to isolation that can exacerbate challenges regarding health, employment and poverty.

Streetohome encourages everyone to join the conversation and raise awareness of mental health on January 29th, 2019, and help end the stigma.

Thank you to Bell for your donation to Streetohome in supporting Covenant House’s Semi-Independent Housing Program for at-risk youth with mental health and addictions challenges. Since 2012, over 140 youth have been able to receive needed mental health support as well as access safe and affordable housing.