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Strengthening the Stool Towards Greater Outcomes

STH-Webmaster   |   October 9, 2023

We are happy to announce the release of our Strategic Framework 2023-2028 – Strengthening the Stool Towards Greater Outcomes.

The Framework brings a renewed focus on enhancing the homelessness services system in British Columbia to impact homelessness in Vancouver. Streetohome will continue to broker the private sector taking smart risks in adapting, integrating, and validating innovative, evidence-based, and sustainable models that address gaps, in partnership with effective service providers.

“One of the main takeaways is that engagement with services is critical to positive outcomes. Finding a best-fit match with services is integral to continued engagement and service use. Access to services is one piece of the puzzle, and housing another piece, but clients need to find a good fit and want to engage with services to bring it all together,” says Rob Turnbull, CEO of Streetohome.

Knowing that individuals will not thrive if we don’t look at their employment; learning, training & skills; health & wellness; legal & advocacy; and community & belonging needs, alongside their need for housing, Streetohome will prioritize initiatives that align with the Streetohome Stool. These may be singular focused in nature that complement existing supports available to individuals living in supportive housing, shelter, or on the street; or they may incorporate multiple domains of the stool.

As we move forward over the next three to five years, Streetohome will advocate for longitudinal outcome data.

“We want to ensure individuals are engaging with services as well as the effectiveness and outcomes of these interventions. We also want to be able to guide quality improvement; optimize resources; and demonstrate accountability for private and public spending,” says Rob.

We would like to thank our Strategic Plan Steering Committee Co-Chairs, Kevin Bent and Geoff Cowper, and Members, Joanne Gassman, Alan Peretz, and Darwin Schandor for their dedication and support in creating this framework.