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Homeward Bound: Olivia’s Story

STH-Webmaster   |   December 15, 2022

17 years ago, Olivia moved to Vancouver with her partner, and had a happy, healthy son. A lot has happened since – her family has grown, and she recently separated from her partner. Six months ago, she received an eviction notice from her landlord, who wanted to renovate their home.

As Olivia scrambled to try and pull money together to move her family before the eviction deadline, her mother-in-law told her about the Homeward Bound program, and how it could help. Homeward Bound presented an opportunity where she could return to the community she grew up in, and be closer to her own family and support system.

“The community’s support was overwhelming. My cousin and aunt were helping make phone calls when we were searching for housing, and the schools were able to provide winter jackets and boots for the kids – our first winter was a wakeup call,” Olivia laughs.

Olivia has since moved into a townhome operated by BC Housing, and the Homeward Bound Coordinator was able to hire movers to bring her belongings to her.

“I’ve always wanted to be with my family – I would see them attending community events on Facebook and just wanted to be there. Now we can celebrate birthdays together, and my family can get to know my kids.”

Seven months later, the family is getting the fresh start they deserve.

“There’s so many opportunities living here. I was able to run into my ex-foster parents and they’ve offered to visit and take us around. My kids haven’t been around farm life, so just driving around the country and seeing the wild animals – they’re finding it fascinating. And of course, they love the lake nearby.”